Children's beads made of natural Baltic lemon and cognac amber "Pebble solar" for children

798 rub.

SKU: 6071204491

Stone dimensions (mm): 6h4h3

Product weight (g): 5

Size / length (cm): 34

Color: mix

Materials: Natural amber

Children's necklace made of natural Baltic lemon and cognac amber "Pebbles solar": 6071204491

These bright shining baby necklaces are created of natural Baltic amber of lemon and cognac colors. The beads are collected through a knot, which increases the safety of their use by children - even if the beads are torn, the amber will not crumble and there is no risk of a child swallowing the beads.

Please note that due to the peculiarity of manual assembly of products, in exceptional cases the color order of stones in beads may slightly differ from that shown in the photo.

Amber has a calming effect and relieves teething itching in children.
It is also used for diseases of the thyroid gland, back pain, colds, diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

More about the healing properties of amber

  • Beads length: 34cm
  • Bead size: up to 6х4х3 mm
  • Beads weight: 5 g