Spectacular beads "Crumpled ball" made of natural Baltic amber of golden cognac color

12 817 rub.

SKU: 800206201

Product weight (g): 42

Bead size (mm): 17

Size / length (cm): 53

Color: cognac

Materials: Natural amber

Luxurious volumetric beads made of natural sparkling amber in a beautiful cognac color "Crumpled ball": 800206201

Each bead of this wonderful bright necklace shimmers with sunlight, sparkles with joy and sparkles a great mood. These beads go with any outfit, elegant enough to accompany a formal look, yet playful enough to be a great addition to a party outfit.
Color your every day with summer colors.

  • Bead diameter: 8 to 17 mm
  • Length: 53 cm
  • Weight: 42 g