Bright beads "Lollipops" from natural lemon amber

7 353 rub.

SKU: 700402380

Stone dimensions (mm): 24h16h10

Product weight (g): 48

Size / length (cm): 58

Color: citric

Materials: Natural amber

Bright beads "Lollipops" from natural lemon amber: 700402380

These wonderful bright beads will fill your look with warmth and light, as if many sun bunnies are dancing around you. Whichever style you choose, this decoration will complement it with a festive summer mood. A rich lemon shade of natural Baltic sparkling amber will be appropriate in any color scheme of your outfit.

Please note that the appearance of the beads may slightly differ from the model shown in the photo, since the jewelry is created from solid pieces of natural amber of natural shape and texture.

  • Stone size: up to 24x16x10 mm
  • Length: 58 cm
  • Weight: 48 g