Elegant glossy beads for children "Bright contrasting pebbles" for children

798 rub.

SKU: 607107038

Stone dimensions (mm): 5h5h4

Product weight (g): 4.7

Size / length (cm): 34 / 36

Color: mix

Materials: Natural amber

Elegant glossy beads for children "Bright contrasting pebbles": 607107038

Beautiful glossy necklaces for children are created of natural Baltic amber of rich cherry and lemon colors and will certainly please little fashionistas. The beads are assembled through a knot and are absolutely safe for children to wear.
Please note that the color of the thread used to create these beads may differ from that shown in the photo.

Amber has a calming effect and relieves teething itching in children.
It is also used for diseases of the thyroid gland, back pain, colds, diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

More about the healing properties of amber

  • Stone size: 5х5х4 mm
  • Length: 34/36 cm
  • Weight: 4.7 g