Elegant amber beads with decorative pendant "Angel" for children

1 202 rub.

SKU: 807103011

Stone dimensions (mm): 6h6h4

Product weight (g): 7

Size / length (cm): 33 / 38 / 43

Color: mix

Materials: Natural amber

Elegant children's beads made of solid amber of different colors, decorated with a pendant-pendant "Angel": 807103011

Wonderful elegant beads made of natural amber will please every little fashionista. A pendant in the shape of an angel is a special highlight of this jewelry. The beads are assembled through a knot making them completely safe for children to wear.
And also, in addition to aesthetic qualities, these beads, like any other product made of natural amber, have many useful properties.

Please note that due to the peculiarities of manual assembly, the shade of amber and the order of the stones in the beads may slightly differ from the model shown in the photo.
Please indicate the length you need in the comments when placing an order.

  • Stone dimensions: 6x6x4 mm
  • Pendant length: 3-3.5cm
  • Mass: 7 g
  • Length: 33cm / 38cm / 43cm