Necklace with a pendant made of solid honey amber "Laura"

8 757 rub.

SKU: 806110279

Stone dimensions (mm): 35h30h11

Product weight (g): 17.2

Size / length (cm): 54

Color: honey

Materials: Natural amber

Bright and unusual necklace made of natural honey amber with a solid "Laura" pendant: 806110279

A pendant made of solid Baltic amber with a beautiful texture is a real work of art, a picturesque chronicle of the history of the Earth, an amazing and unique piece of jewelry created by nature itself. You can add this detail to any of your looks, and thanks to the ability to adjust the length of the necklace, create different styles - from elegant to ethnic.

  • Stone dimensions: 35x30x11 mm
  • Bead diameter: 5.5mm
  • Length: 54 to 82 cm
  • Weight: 17.2 g