Braided necklace "Chrysanthemum" made of natural amber in contrasting shades

2 379 rub.

SKU: 906111105

Stone dimensions (mm): 6h4h2

Product weight (g): 42

Size / length (cm): 47

Color: mix

Materials: Natural amber

Beautiful bright necklace "Chrysanthemum", woven of natural amber in different shades: 906111105

How to create an attractive image quickly, easily and at a minimum cost? The recipe is simple! Put on your favorite clothes, add a piece of summer to your outfit, and decorate with a bright and infectious smile. Done!
“Where can I get summer?” You ask.
Summer is in our light, bright and beautiful necklaces made of natural amber. Juicy colors, warmth of the sun and the most summer associations in this handmade necklace.

  • Amber size: up to 6х4х2 mm
  • Length: 47 cm
  • Choker Width: 23mm
  • Weight: 42 g